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How do I register?

Just click on “Register” at the top of the page then fill out the form. You will receive an activation message at the email address you provided, click on it to activate your account and you’re set. You may register/log in using your FACEBOOK account

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Just click on “Forgot Password” at the top of the page, submit the email address you used during registration and your username and/or password will be sent to it.

How do I leave a comment?
First make sure that your registered and/or logged in, then click on add comment.

How do I start a thread?
First make sure that you are registered and/or logged in, then go to FORUM, choose a category then click on new thread.

How do I post a reply?
First make sure that you are registered and/or logged in, then go to FORUM, choose a category, the thread, then click on “Post Reply”.

Why was my thread/post deleted?
Because they were against the Forum Rules.

Do I have to register?
Only if you wish to start a thread, leave posts in the Forum area, post comments, Download a certain amount of files a day and receive updates.

I downloaded file(s) but it won't work
Make sure that your download was completed and that you are using it with a compatible software. If it still isn't working, please leave a message on the Forum describing your problem.

I have a technical problem with a file, can you help me?
Post your issue in the forum, then I or another member will try to sort it out.

Why does the website open at the far right and/or not correctly?
Some people have complained about the website not displaying correctly. I have tried opening it with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera and it always displayed properly with me. But I will try to solve that issue.
How long did it take you to convert the files?
The CMU Library took me three months (mostly because I had to learn how to use some of the softwares), the Kitchen a few days and the MCS files, two weeks, the others, a few days.

Why did you go thru so much troubles?
I wanted to have a large collection of motion files before I started making my own shorts when I stumble on the CMU files. As you might know, they are not in popular formats, so I started converting them in formats of different softwares I might want to use. Later I realized that there were many people struggling to use them, so I added the DOWNLOADS section on the website and uploaded the files.

How can I contact the Admin?
Just go to CONTACT where you will be able to send an email to the Admin.

Are comments and suggestions about the website accepted?
Absolutely. Just to the Suggestion Box.